Dat Dang Doe
Sophie. 22. England.

"british moose who hates tea" - Katy

"Hi I’m Sophie and I struggle to write the word nipple in certain contexts" - Sam
Watching: Everything is on hiatus. Reading: C&R series. Hell and Highwater series. The Wicked + The Divine. Black Widow. Harley Quinn. Star Trek Ongoing. Night Huntress Series.
Indefinite Hiatus from 28/7 because health


Ryan on The Patch #65


i can never say if i’m a slow or a fast reader tbh my pace always depends on the book some books i finish in one sitting and others i finish after 78 years

sounds like a winning strategy


live through this and you won’t look back [x

Some of Captain Kirk’s many derpy faces

My anti-rejection drugs side effects are actually scarier than rejection itself. 

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