Dat Dang Doe
Sophie. 22. England.

"british moose who hates tea" - Katy

"Hi I’m Sophie and I struggle to write the word nipple in certain contexts" - Sam
Watching: Everything is on hiatus. Reading: C&R series. Hell and Highwater series. The Wicked + The Divine. Black Widow. Harley Quinn. Star Trek Ongoing. Night Huntress Series.
Indefinite Hiatus from 28/7 because health


ryan haywood on every ‘the patch’ episode - bonus 3/?

The Face of Armani Code (has a come-hither husky voice) [x]


 ”Ryan is an evil genius. I’m scared of that dude.”

"He’s got the long play terrorizing going on. It’s like you wake up one day and you’re like, ‘hey, this Ryan guy’s nice!’ and then a month goes by and it’s like, ‘how does Ryan own my house?’"


Chris Pine photographed by Tomo Brejc

I’m rewatching this and I feel like this line is so underrated

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